Cybers In Action” NFT Project started as a bold idea to have a certain amount of impact in today’s world, and why not, crypto world.

It is a project that combines passion for blockchain, gaming and collectibles, vision for NFT adoption and the strong desire to have a positive impact in our community.

At this very moment the team is formed of 5 people with relevant experience in project management, engineering, design and web development all united by the same passions.


Q4 '21

  • Launch #Cybers v1 collection – limited edition of 230 NFTs
  • Develop partnerships and communication channels with Elrond community (Twitter, Telegram)
  • Initiate website development –
  • Launch #ElementalAssasins series collection
  • First poly voxel character on #ElrondBlockchain in collab @IndieNftArtwork
  • Community action – Christmas gifts for 50 children in Turnu Rosu, Sibiu, Romania
  • Launch #Cybers v2 collection – limited edition of 230 NFTs minted onchain
  • Launch NFT collection with + incentive for holders (NFT staking with $PLATA rewards)

Q1 '22

  • Launch website
  • #HODLers passive income mechanism - PHASE 1: Pilot
  • Community action: donate royalties of #ElementalAssasins to a charity organization (Give Life Sibiu - Daruieste Viata)
  • Incentive: Holders of #Cybers v1, v2 & #ElementalAssasins NFTs will get airdrop of #NeonCybers
  • Launch #NeonCybers – 10k generative collection

Q2 '22

  • #HODLers passive income mechanism - PHASE 2: 10x growth
  • Krogan partnership for Play2Earn game with Neon Cybers
  • #Metaverse - VITAL DAO partnership
  • Start development of 3D Cybers for #Hunterverse integration

Q3 '22

  • Community action: donate royalties of #NeonCybers to a charity organization (to be identified)
  • NFT staking pool with $VITAL yield for Cybers NFTs
  • Complete development of 3D Cybers
  • 3D Cybers collection public sale
  • PHASE 2 of passive income upgrade
  • #Hunterverse integration: Kick off

Q4 '22

  • Krogan Play2Earn game launch
  • #Hunterverse integration: Ramp up
  • Continue to do what we love with passion, honesty and integrity
  • Prepare for #Hunterverse launch in 2023

Team Members

team Denis Rascarache
Founder | Test Engineer | ISTQB Trainer | Blockchain Enthusiast
team Dan State
Test Engineer | NFT Designer | Gamer
team Octavian Axente
Engineer | Elrond Developer | .NET Developer
team Urus1369
Creative Development Manager
team Ferry
2D Designer | 7 years experience | NeonCybers mastermind
team Erick
Designer | Elemental Assasins | 5 years experience | NFT Illustrator

Collaborators & Supporters

Vital Network
Aerovek Aviation
Indie NFT Artwork