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AEX Omega AEX Omega
25 Apr 2022

AEX Omega

The city of Quin Shardeth rumbled once more, unnatural cosmic energies were powering the earthquake as the entity AEX Omega attempted to move into Earth’s reality. The portal erupted in crackling energies, sparks of all colours running along the structure and ricocheting off. The portal hadn’t been used for millennia until recently when Principia Elementa emerged to right the wrongs of the elements. But the guardian had failed. AEX Omega rarely had to intervene, with goddess like powers she built the guardians to keep the balance but occasionally wayward elements succeeded in destroying them, since the birth of the universe this had only happened 3 times.

Emerging from the portal came the mace first, crafted from technologies that no longer existed. The mace was made up of every element on the periodic table and more, slivers of every metal in existence, even the very fabric of the cosmos. For all intents and purposes it was indestructible. The owner of that weapon followed, levitating slowly out of the portal as Earth’s plane of existence struggled not to rip apart, the energies of AEX Omega were not natural for the planet. The elemental goddess once fully materialised knelt down and placed a hand upon the deceased body of Principia Elementa, speaking a language of an Alien Tongue the deceased body melted into a pure form of energy which was consumed by AEX Omega’s open hand, the guardian would be re-made in the future.

Bolin and Pax projectile vomited in unison, they had only just finished taking out one of the murderous cartel’s, dead bodies lay all over the mansion. It was bloody work but they were never ever nauseous from it. They didn’t usually get involved with these kinds of people but children had been trafficked and hooked to drugs, when children were hurt Bolin & Pax could never let it slide. All the other assassins had gone back to their solo existence but these two believed that having company made being weird that little bit easier. It was difficult to read Pax’s earthly features but Bolin was in evident pain and looked concerned, meeting Pax’s eyes "That can not be a coincidence can it?"

Pax shook his head "No my friend, something terrible has happened, I wonder if the others felt it to? It might be time to search them out."

"I agree" quipped Bolin "my head aches to as if some sort of force is trying to crush my brain, feels like the day after having 20 beers."

Pax was always amazed how Bolin tried to make a joke out of just about anything, but he was concerned. It had been a few years since the meeting with Principia Elementa when they had felt a similar feeling that pulled them towards it. Had it somehow come back to life? At least they knew how to slay the monstrosity, they just needed to make sure all the assassins came back together.

AEX Omega knew she would not need to wait long for the assassins, her lifetime had been aeons so far, this visit was like the blink of a human eye when compared to the cosmic timelines. It was always the short lived races that caused the problems, never learning enough from their mistakes to ensure the next generation didn’t do the same or worse. Not that it mattered, the elements had to be brought into check. AEX Omega dropped to 1 knee and slammed the mace into the ground, a shockwave erupted outwards and new cracks emerged. The halo upon her head shimmered a golden energy which ran through her body and down through the mace, tapping into the Earth’s invisible energies. The halo intensified as the goddess made her own consciousness encompass the globe, searching out the errant elements and made each connection, a gentle application of force against each of the assassins brains to return to the battle site. The assassins did not realize their own consciousness was being manipulated, thinking they had made their own decision to return. One by one they returned to the original camp site, waiting to see if all would show up.

There was a sense of foreboding as all the assassins sat around the camp fire, resting after the long travels to ensure they had enough energy for what they expected was an encounter with Principia Elementa. Novichok once again was given a wide berth due to his poisonous body and was very withdrawn, usually giggling at his circumstances and poisonous ideas, this time he was struggling with a battle of the mind. He couldn’t explain why his headache was more severe than everyone else’s, he knew the poisons in his blood made him a little bit crazy but they did not cause pain, this felt like he was wrestling for control of his own consciousness. Whilst Novichok was concentrating on this the other assassins shared their stories. Samael had been working as a master assassin for the U.S secret services and enjoyed it, believed himself to be a true patriot and did not worry about the consequences this may have globally. Xul wasn’t impressed believing with the powers they have, they should not be working for governments. He kept that to himself as he shared his own story, deflated and beaten down at the prospect of being considered a murderer. Due to wielding the element of light Xul considered himself a man of good and had avoided collateral damage at all costs whilst taking out the true evil criminals. When the entrance of AEX Omega on earth caused him to puke with pain levels he had never endured and an immense pressure on his brain, Xul had accidentally unleashed a powerful searing beam of light in a village. The beam had veered across the street uncontrollably and set the village market on fire. When he opened his eyes the place was ablaze and there was 10 body halves, 5 locals had been bisected in the incident. He knew that his image as a hero had just been shattered.

Jaal gave his condolences for the incident, explaining that it would likely one day be forgotten. He also enjoyed detailing to the group how since his last meeting he had laid waste to 100 ships that were illegally fishing, destroying the ocean and illegally killing dolphins, sharks and whales against international law. No person survived when his whirlpools swallowed the ships whole and he was glad he was doing something to benefit the species of the Ocean and the world.

Bingwen had kept his own council at the camp, more worried about what to expect and did not want to let people know he had fell out of the sky when the sickness hit. Puking with a raging headache whilst plummeting to Earth was a not a story he wanted to re-live. There had only been 20ft left of his fall when he managed to spur the lightning from his heels, breaking his fall enough so that he didn’t break his back but the landing was fast and furious and after tumbling for quite a distance he’d lay there for a day until he was able to move.

Akai had actually been flame grilling steak in a local restaurant, something he found enjoyable when not melting criminals flesh. He had ruined a T bone steak with his sick but he blasted it away with fire, nobody saw, as far as he was concerned it had been sterilized and grilled.

With all the stories told and the group rested from a nights sleep they made the same journey they had made before. All expecting to find Principia Elementa, each assassin in turn had froze with shock when they first entered the chamber. Not only shock but an otherworldly pain that shot through their brains neurons, Novichok was particularly effected, he staggered forwards "Let’s get this over with".

The other assassins didn’t waste time and they sprang into action, all struggling to shake the mesmerizing effect of AEX Omega. The raw cosmic power on display blurred their vision and battered their senses, the golden halo’s shimmering was intense and radiating rage.

"Let’s try the same trick, keep this thing occupied and add your energies to my boulder" Pax urged to the team, all heard and went about their business. Once again single attacks were futile, Akai came up with an idea. "Jaal hurl me a sphere of water now!" Jaal launched a large globe of water into the air towards Akai, before it could reach him a fireball met it half way. The two elements clashed and erupted into a mist, blocking the goddesses view of Pax preparing the boulder. Akia still hadn’t finished his idea though, his mind had been racing with ideas ever since learning they could combine their elements.

"Bingwen put some thunder into that mist!"

Bingwen whipped around and sent bolts of electricity into the mist whilst narrowly avoiding a swing of the mace. Even been near the mace was painful despite no contact. Bingwen was impressed as the mist lingered with intense electrical energy.

Bolin had clicked on to what Akai was trying to achieve "I’ve got this from here!"

Samael was doing his best to attack this cosmic being from the shadows and was certainly irritating it, the goddess could sense him but could not see him, the stomps and swings of the mace easy to evade.

Novichok was really close to the goddess but was not able to initiate combat his eyes were slowly glossing over.

Bolin had sent Ice into the thunderous mist and encapsulated the energies into shards of Ice, they were more akin to frozen thunderbolts. The frozen thunderbolts were hurled towards AEX Omega and all but one dissipated in golden lights as the golden halo extended an invisible shield. The single bolt which made it, lodged in the beings shoulder but it showed no sign of being harmed.

The assassins as planned imbued the rock with their energies but there was one missing and that was poison. A poison grenade flew past Pax’s face, a close call. Another came hurtling for a direct hit but Pax managed to manoeuvre the boulder to take the hit and absorb the poison. Not overly concerned Pax just assumed Novichok was trying to get the boulder and was struggling due to his severe headaches.

He didn’t see the next two grenades come as he began to throw the boulder through the air towards his target. Then two things happened at once. The goddess leaped into the air with two hands on her mace, met the boulder at the pinnacle of its flight path with a two handed swing. Earth shattered into a million pieces and covered the chamber and every assassin in elemental dust. In the air there was also huge fire explosions, Akai HAD seen the 2 extra grenades coming and was flying on his super heated air currents whilst intercepting Novichok’s grenades with his fireballs to ensure Pax had been able to make the throw. Concern written in Akai’s face as he realised what had happened, those glazed eyes surely meant he was being controlled by this entity they were against. Xul didn’t think twice, with his mastery of the sword and axe he charged Novichok down, his light imbued weapons clashed with the poison meat cleaver. Novichok’s skill was also exemplary and seemed to have more speed available than Xul thought possible, at-least he could no longer throw grenades.

AEX Omega was enjoying the battle, a deep rumble of laughter was released at how easy the poison elements consciousness had been manipulated.

Pax was at a loss of what to do, he felt utterly helpless at the power on display, the boulder that had destroyed Principia Elementa had proved to be futile here.

Samael appeared at his shoulder emerging from the shadows with another idea.

"Pax there is a portal at the back of the chamber I’ve had a look, I think we can activate it with our energies and we need to be quick. I am worried I am going to lose control like Novichok."

Pax nodded with a grim expression, Bolin and Bingwen had over heard whilst retreating from the goddess’s mace.

Bolin took the lead "Avoid the mace at all costs, let’s direct the engagement towards the gate."

As the fighting moved across the chamber, fiery boulders, frozen thunder bolts, shadow shards of ice were all used to inflict a little pain. AEX Omega was surprised, she had never seen the elements come together so well, they usually destroyed each other and a planets balance with it. She had also not landed one clean hit yet, knowing just a glancing blow would suck all energies from any of the elements. They were simply to nimble and the assassins were also smart enough to avoid it, just looking at it caused pain.

Xul disengaged from Novichok, drenched in sweat and his lungs retched with being in close proximity for to long, he called for Akai to take over so that he could join the combat at the gate. Akai found it much easier as the poison emissions in the air were instantly burned away by his fire swords and his core heat. Even he was surprised at Novichok’s speed.

Jaal began to surf around in huge circles as the combat moved the goddess infront of the gate, he unleashed a whirl pool of massive magnitude from directly below AEX Omega. This caught her by surprise and so she raised her mace to absorb the energies but Jaal wasn’t done, as fast as the water was absorbed he continued to pump water into the whirlpool. The unground lakes within the planets mantle geysered forth so that Jaal was replenishing the pool at a faster rate than it could be absorbed. Bingwen added his electricity to the whirlpool, now a torrent of thunderous activity. AEX Omega absorbed this to, once she had absorbed all of these fool’s elements she would release a blast wave destroying them utterly, she stood steadfast in the middle of the storm.

"We need to ensure our elements are somehow connected to this platform and structure and Xul I think you need to power the device once we’re ready!"

The lightning and water symbols on the gate had lit up, AEX Omega was unaware of the plan, to focused on the absolute destruction of the elements once her mace was ready, how amusing it was that they thought she was being beat.

Bolin added shards of Ice to the whirlpool and Pax streams of earth dust, 2 more lights lit up. Samael placed his hand on the structure to imbue the shadow element, another light lit up as he fell backwards in pain, eyes beginning to glaze over.

"I’m almost lost we need the other two elements before Xul can power the gate!"

Akai had heard and he flew over, sending a fireball into the gate, another light lit.

Jaal intercepted a grenade aimed at Akai’s back with a stream of water, they met each other’s eyes and nodded with respect.

"I’ve got the next one" yelled Bolin, the next grenade did not get stopped. Bolin simply created an ice chute all the way to the gate structure, this captured the poison grenade which jingled through the chute precariously and thankfully exploded once contact was made with the gates structure.

Xul saw the final light except his light up and he knew what he had to do, he placed his hand upon the symbol that showed rays of light through a cloud and he emptied his souls worth of light power into the ancient activation stud. A shadowy blade appeared aiming straight for his extended arm and a huge clang sounded as a light blue sabre parried the blow and forced Samael to retreat. Bolin had covered Xul just in time. Xul was unaware of the exchange as he was screaming with effort and his eyes were lit so bright with light he was blinded.

AEX Omega was to focused on absorbing the elements she had not noticed what was at play. Her mace however was now fully charged. Once again she gripped her mace with two hands and came about for an over head swing into the earth to ensure the elements and everything within a 100 kilometres radius would be pulverised. The portal did not care. It powered up and huge bubbles of energy erupted lifting AEX Omega into the air just as the mace was about to make contact. That contact never came, the assassins were unsure what noise burst their ear drums, AEX Omega’s screams of "NOOOOO" were titanic but on a wavelength that could not be detected by human ears, but that didn’t stop the sub sonic screech from splitting their ear drums.

AEX Omega had struggled to enter the realm of Earth but the portal had no problem ejecting her from it, a being like that should not be possible. Her huge form hovered for an instant and with an explosion of white light she was dragged through the portal in an instant and banished from Earth’s plane of existence.