Akai, the Fire Assasin
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Akai, the Fire Assasin Akai, the Fire Assasin
17 Nov 2021

Akai, the Fire Assasin

Akai (The Red)

Asahi was born in Yamanashi of central Honshu, about 60 miles West of Tokyo. He grew up in the lower middle class of the village. From his childhood admired the beauty of the Fujiyama. His town was situated in the heart of the Fujiyama’s valley. He always used to sit down and see the mountain which was in the heights of the sky. He loved this mountain so much that he sometimes felt that the mountain was pulling him towards itself.

Days passed and now he was putting a step in his youth. With his age, the craze to meet the mountain was continuously rising. He tried to reach its peak but never succeeded. Asahi never lost his heart and remained determined to see the beauty of Fujiyama with his naked eyes from the top. His friends always made fun of his thirst for seeing the mountain. But these things never reduced his love and affection for the great Fujiyama.

It was the regular day of his life; he returned from school and worked with his parents in the fields. His parents always used to tell him the stories about that mountain in the night even when he was going to be a man after his teenage. It was because of his love for Fujiyama.

That night, he was listening to the stories about this legendary mountain when they heard the sound of the blast and the noise of screaming. They were coming from the houses nearby. They ran outside to see what had happened. All the villagers were running outside the village. Before they asked someone about the situation, they heard the other blast. They saw towards the great Fujiyama; it was spitting fire on his town. They all got frightened, and Asahi ran with his parents to leave the village. The earth was shaking, and the fire was upon their head. They all were running for their lives. He was running too, but also he was trying to see the great mountain because he loved it and now, he was running from it.

Many of them died in the village due to the earthquake. Some of them burned in the great fire of a volcano. After a while, the remaining villagers reached the shore of the Pacific. The melted rock was following them to the coast. When it came almost upon their head, they had no way but to jump into the ocean. Many of them died in the ocean that saved them from the fire earlier. He saw his parents drown in the relentless waves of the Pacific. Some of them managed to reach the shore. He was one of them.

The volcano was now in peace after burning the entire valley with its fire. Asahi was looking towards the mountain with his wet eyes. His heart was filled with grief and sorrow. He never imagined that the thing he loved the most in the world would be the reason for its demolition. He never abstracted the Fujiyama that way.

The following morning, the remaining villagers returned to see the destroyed village and to find the bodies of their beloved ones. But, he was not amongst them…he was going towards the mountain. It was not an easy task, especially in these conditions, but he had only one thing in his head to ask the mountain, why? He walked the whole day but hardly reached in the footsteps of that great mountain. He never lost his hope. He was not stopping even it got dark. His visibility was almost lost. He was walking in the sense of running, colliding with the rock, and falling. His mind was running into the dark.

Asahi opened his eyes in the bright sun. He didn’t understand a thing; then, suddenly, he remembered all the last night’s incidents. He looked at his village, which was nothing but the ashes pile. He stepped towards the peak of the mountain. And after many hurdles and challenges, he reached the pinnacle of that great mountain after many days.

He was standing on the verge of the Fujiyama’s opening. He was starring at the hollow mountain with his watery eyes like he was trying to ask the mountain why he demolished his life as he lived. He didn’t want to live, so he screamed to remind his life and parents and jumped into the darkness of the mountain. After a while, he hit some liquid and hot matter. It was melted rock that was burning his skin. Soon, he was out of his senses, like he was dead. After some time felt that his parents were calling him and trying to wake him, he opened his eyes and tried to understand the scenario. Soon, he remembered the whole thing. But was he alive, and if he was, how??? He realized that he was floating in the melted rock of the great volcano. The hot and melted rocks were not hurting him anymore. It was the gift of Fujiyama for him.

Asahi swam to the rocky wall and started to figure out his escape. He positioned his hand on the wall; it melted down from that place. Then he placed his foot on the wall, and the same happened. So, in that way, he made himself able to get out. He demounted himself and reached in his ruined village. He met some of his friends there, and they tried to meet him, but he was too hot to touch. He touched a rock and wood which were set on fire, but it was harmless for him. He didn’t feel any sense of burning. He escaped from there and reached into a forest. He sat near a tree, but the tree caught fire due to the touch of his back.

He saw the burning tree and then he realized a little about his situation. He held a branch of the tree and it burnt away with his touch. After that, he aimed at another tree and thought to fire it up. A ball of fire appeared from his hand and burnt the tree down.

So, in this way, Asahi gained its superpower to control the fire. He named himself Akai, which means “The Red”.

Akai returned to the lands after getting trained as an assassin to breach the world’s darkness by destroying the people who were behind all the illegal activities. He made himself an unburnable equipment that he wore every time and held fire in his hands and his eyes whenever he wanted. When he found the figures which were the cancers to the society, he made them melt or changed them into ashes.

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