Bingwen, the Lightning Assasin
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Bingwen, the Lightning Assasin Bingwen, the Lightning Assasin
24 Nov 2021

Bingwen, the Lightning Assasin

Bingwen was 9 years of age when he went to a great Kung Fu center to learn martial arts. A great and legendary Kung Fu teacher was running it.

He belonged to a low-income family in Northern China. His parents were running a little shop in their village. They tried to educate their child, but there was a lack of resources. They were financially not that strong to pay the educational expenses. There was only one academic center that educated the children and taught them Kung Fu at that time. The only problem was that the center was far from their home, in the heart of the mountains.

Bingwen always wanted to get educated and also to learn Kung Fu. When he was 9 years of age, his parents sent him to the training center. He went there to fulfill his desires. He reached the center after a very long and dangerous journey. Bingwen crossed the valley by using an iron wire. It was an intricate part of his traveling.

When he reached his destination, the scene was fascinating and breathtaking, but it was also located on the top of a huge hill.

And so his training has begun…

Bingwen had a dream to move from that remote area to a big city with his parents. He wanted to fulfill his parent’s dreams, but he was unaware that his fate was different. He learned the skills, both educational and Kung Fu, very well. He spent almost 10 years in that institute. After that time, he was a skilled and educated Kung Fu fighter. The institute will be going to release him after 1 year. He was excited about it. But it was never going to happen, fact that he was about to discover.

It was a regular day, but the climate was changing rapidly. Soon, it rained and then snowed. It was the most significant snowfall of many years. The clouds were thundering. The building of the Kungfu institute was trembling, and it was looking that it was not going to hold any longer.

And soon, it collapsed and fell in the steep valley. Only four of the students succeeded in holding the broken wire. Bingwen was one of them. They tried very hard to climb the hill but failed. Before they tried any other idea, they got hit by the lighting. Bingwen was directly hit and fell in the depth of the valley.

He was almost dead, but after a while, he opened his eyes. He was trying to understand the situation. He stood up and looked around. Bingwen was thinking of leaving the valley, but it was looking impossible. He was frightened and also was desperate to go home. When he saw no way to escape, he started to cry loudly. Lighting came out from his eyes. He stopped at once and he tried to do that again. He understood that it was due to that strike. He succeeded, and then he tried to run; he was swift, swifter than anything seen…that speed...

He started to ran in the valley. Then he stopped and tried to go up the hill. He made it in once. He was fascinated … but also sad for his fellow colleagues and teachers.

Bingwen came back to his village and his parents and told them the whole story. He left his small town with his parents for the big city of Ürümqi. He was depressed by the fate of his friends, but after a while, he started to express himself in positive kinds of activities because he vowed to do good and not to harm innocent people.

To be continued…

With love, #CybersInAction!