Bolin, the Ice Assasin
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Bolin, the Ice Assasin Bolin, the Ice Assasin
20 Dec 2021

Bolin, the Ice Assasin

Ai had just completed her graduation, and she was on a trip with her friends to the North of his country. The whole North was covered with snow. She was single and not interested in making some relations very soon. She wanted to enjoy life. But she never knew that this trip would change her life. She reached there, and she used to explore things more enjoying when she remained alone.

It was just after dinner time. Everyone was waiting to have some coffee; she found that time suitable to explore the area. She sneaked out of the hotel and started moving to a snowy mountain nearby. When she got there, she saw a man there. He was there almost naked, just some clothing to cover his private parts. She felt embarrassed and then she asked the man about himself.

He told her that he lived there that why he never felt so much cold. She was determined not to make relations with a man before her professional life. But that night, she felt helpless. The man was clicking her. It took no longer to surrender herself to that man. They made love to each other. The man said his name was Charles.

She never saw that man again. The tour was ended, and she was back. She got pregnant, her parents suggested he abort the child, but she wanted to have that child. After 9 months, she gave birth to a baby boy. Boy was healthy and normal. He was the beautiful combination of Chinese and English breeds.

He got the name Bolin from her mother. Ai married a college professor and had 1 child from him. Bolin was an intelligent kid. He started school at the age of 4. He was 11 when his mother began to worry about him. They lived in a frigid area, but he never tried to wear warm clothes. And as he was getting age, his body was getting cold. He remained calm and normal, but freezing. Ai knew the reason for that kind of behavior. Charles was also naked on the snowy mountain that day.

She took Bolin with her and went to those mountains. She was in search of Charles because she wanted to resolve that matter with Bolin. They went to that place, findomg nothing. They stayed in that area for several days, but Charles was not there.

It was their last night in that town when she was in his hotel room, and she saw the light in the same place. She went out; Bolin was with him. She went to that place and found Charles. He was looking as young as he was 11 years before.

Ai told him the whole story. He was not looking worried. He told her not to worry about it. He also told Ai and Bolin that he was not from the Earth. He was alien and was stuck there for years. She got stunned to hear that. He demanded she leaves Bolin with him as he wanted to teach him. Teach him to use the superpower. She agreed and left Bolin for a year with him.

Bolin returned to her mother after a year as Ice. This time he was a fully trained boy. He learned to control the Ice and also learned to create Ice. He could change the Ice into sharp weapons too. He learned to fight from his father. He started his studies again. Bolin went to school and took part in social activities too. No one was aware of his superpowers, but it was revealed one day.

He was at home and he was at the poolside. He put his hand into the pool and froze it. His stepfather came to know that, he became furious with his mother. He wanted Bolin to leave his house. He was 16 at that time; he left home and his mother too. Bolin was complete with sorrow and pain. He was wandering here and there; he had no place to go. Then he got the idea to go to his father. He went there, but he was gone. He started to live on that mountain.

Years passed and one day he found her mother before him. He was happy to see her. She was pleased too, but then she told him that his stepfather had asked about his place to her. But she didn’t tell him, and he warned her to kill her and her daughter if she didn’t tell him. Bolin’s stepfather accepted money from a private organization to hand over him.

Because they wanted to examine him and make many like him. Ice listened to her and got ready to go with her. He went to the city and taught his stepfather a lesson. He also went after that Corporation and after that, he started to use his power in the open, but for the goodness of the society and to clean it from bad people.

To be continued…

With love, #CybersInAction!