Jaal, the Water Assasin
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Jaal, the Water Assasin Jaal, the Water Assasin
31 Jan 2022

Jaal, the Water Assasin

Steve and Ana, along with their son, were going on holiday to an island. That island was a beautiful place for recreation. Steve was a lawyer, and Ana was a housewife. They got married 9 years back and now they had a son named Jaal. He was a very charming and well-mannered boy.

He was 7 years old at that time. They reached their destination after a half-day drive.

Island had beautiful beaches. Jaal already fell in love with this island. His parents were so happy for him. They checked in the hotel, then they went to the beach. Sun was setting down. It was a fantastic scene. They returned to the hotel and had dinner and went to their rooms to have a rest.

The following morning, they woke up and heard the shouting of people. They went down, and what they saw was enough to blow their mind. Almost all the people were there; they caught a mermaid. Mermaid was on the beach and gathered all of them to see her. Some of them admired her beauty, but most of them wanted to kill her. They tied her up with the rope. Steve and Ana wanted to release her, but the people were not listening to them. Jaal was there too, and, he had found a soft place in his heart for the mermaid. Steve was a lawyer and after a lengthy discussion he made people agree not to harm her. Steve tried to untie her, but they didn’t allow him to do that. Jaal was with his mom, constantly staring at the mermaid. She looked to him with compassion. Jaal also smiled and then after some moments, Steve cut her loose and she went to water in no time. She had great respect for Steve and Ana. She loved the young Jaal too.

Jaal was 21 years when he was having fun in the ocean by riding a boat. He was on the same beach that he visited 14 years ago. He was alone and was in the open water. He was young and energetic, so he ran the boat at its high speed. He was enjoying the thrill, but he never knew that his fate was going to be different. He accidentally entered the rocky area of the ocean. His boat stroke the rocks. He fell in the water and its boat was floating in the shape of broken pieces. He was a little injured too. He saw here and there to look for help, but he was far away from the beach and couldn’t get the benefit. There was no island nearby, so he was helpless. He started to swim, but soon he realized that he couldn’t make it. He continued his journey and after a while, he got tired. His arms were not moving anymore the way it used to. He was drowning and water was overflowing his head. He was going profound; suddenly, someone held him and took him to the depth of the ocean. He was out of his senses.

After a while, he opened his eyes. He was alive and was breathing. He looked around and tried to understand the situation. He was still in the water and was lying down on the ocean’s ground. He was breathing just like above the surface of the water. But how was that even possible? Then he saw a mermaid swimming near him. He got frightened. She assured him not to harm. Then she told him that she gave him the power to survive in the water and stay and control the water. He asked why she did that.

Suddenly, he remembered that she was the same mermaid that he had seen 14 years back. She just saw him for a while and then ran away. He called her to stop, but she didn’t. Jaal came upon the surface and tried to move towards the beach. He started to move fast and efficiently in the water. He went to the shore and told his parents the whole story. His parents told him to use this power for the benefit of humanity. Then through his influence, he became very popular to help the needy and assassinate the bad ones.

To be continued…

With love, #CybersInAction!