Novichok, the Poison Assasin
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Novichok, the Poison Assasin Novichok, the Poison Assasin
2 Dec 2021

Novichok, the Poison Assasin

Tom was a professional street fighter. He was pretty good in his field. He had a bad temper issue. Samantha was a great admirer of him. Tom also liked her, so they started dating. After 1 year they got married. Soon, they had a baby girl. They had a good life. But all of that was temporary because Tom won a fight with Rob, the younger brother of a known gangster. After losing the battle, Rob got angry with Tom.

It was a typical day of Tom’s life; he was coming back from his club. He left the club early because that day was their wedding anniversary day. He went to a jewelry shop to buy a gift for his wife. A man was staring at him, but he ignored him. He left the shop and took the way to his home. After a while, he noticed that the same man was following him. He immediately turned to a street and stopped. The man finds Tom waiting for him. He got frightened. “Why are you shadowing me?” Tom asked him. “Rob wanted to have chat with you.” He replied. Before he asked him further anything, two cars came and stopped near them.

Rob, along with his friends, was there. He came out of the car and stepped towards Tom. “So, my friends are here to see your fighting skills.”, Rob came near to him and said that. “Look, I am not in the mood, please leave me alone.”, Tom replied. “That’s fine, you will not be forced, but your wife will, be after you die. I am here to kill you.”, Rob said. Tom was getting angry to hear about his wife. He punched Rob so hard that he fell. His friends came to beat Tom, but he was ready for them. Rob got up and tried to fight back, but Tom punched him again so hard that he smashed his head to the footpath. He died on the spot. His friends took him to the hospital, but it was in vain. He was dead already.

Tom killed Rob accidentally. He went with Samantha to Rob’s house and told the whole situation. Before they leave, Rob’s brother reached there. His men opened the gunfire. They were brutely firing on them. Tom was trying to hide and save his wife and daughter. But the situation was so critical that he was no longer able to hold them. A bullet had Samantha and went through her daughter too. Samantha and her daughter were dead at once.

Tom became mad and ran to kill Rob’s brother. But his men were ready to kill him. They fired at him, and some of the bullets went through his chest. Tom got hotshot twice in his chest.

Rob’s brother thought that he was dead, so he went away. Police admitted him to the hospital.

Tom woke up from a coma after 7 years. His life was almost finished. He went to his home and cried for hours for his wife and daughter. For once, he was thinking of killing Rob’s brother. But he was not that Tom anymore. He left the fighting and started to work in a chemical factory. He wanted to make himself busy.

He was 31 years old and worked in a chemical factory. It was a typical day of his working life. He was working on the production plant. Suddenly, the pressure tank blasted. He and some of his colleagues were standing near to that tank. The boiling chemical in the tank just brunt him and his colleagues. They all died, except him. Tom was moved to the hospital and he was hardly breathing.

He was in ICU when the managers of the factory came to see him. He was in ICU and not fully awoken. He heard the managers talk about the owner’s pre-planned incident to get the insurance money. He heard the entire discussion.

After some days, Tom was discharged from the hospital and moved to his house. He had no family, but he knew that his friends had families and tried to help them.

Tom was feeling some changes in his inner body. He was brunt from the outside. Soon, he realized that his veins were full of poison and he could kill anyone by touching him.

At that point Tom lost his way and became an outlaw, he became Novichok, the Poison Assasin. He carefully started to prepare his revenge and kill his former masters at the chemical plant.

To be continued…

With love, #CybersInAction!