Passive income - PHASE 1: Pilot
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Passive income - PHASE 1: Pilot Passive income - PHASE 1: Pilot
3 Jan 2022

Passive income - PHASE 1: Pilot

Aerovek Aviation it is a crypto project developed on Elrond Blockchain to which we are close since more than half a year, led by a team that was an inspiration for us due to power of execution and leadership style.

While exploring new ideas to reward our #HODLers, we have identified the benefits of staking with Aerovek:
- dual rewards: $EGLD + $AERO with a boosted rate of $AERO being offered: 100x

Therefore we have decided to stake our $EGLD generated by #Cybers v1 and v2 sales ( ~100 ) with Aerovek Staking Agency and offer to #Cybers holders a passive income mechanism.

How will this gonna work for everyone:

Each week, the total amount of rewards will be around 150 $AERO ( ~ 21/day with 100 $EGLD staked ) and in order to increase these rewards, our founder has decided to come up with another 850 $AERO weekly in order to have a pool prize of 1000 $AERO per week.

In week 3 Jan - 7 Jan a snapshot of #Cybers holders will be performed. This snapshot will consist of recording the unique addresses of our holders that will be further used for $AERO airdrop.

We will continue to do a snapshot on a weekly basis, every Thursday at 18:00, in order to have our #HODLers database updated before AirDrop.

All mercenary wallets will be blacklisted and not eligible for AirDrop. It has been proven in the past that people tried to split their NFTs into multiple wallets so they benefit more of an incentive. This action will be punished with having the original ERD address and the extension ones blacklisted for any future AirDrop.

#Cybers has a small and united community of #HODLers that is growing continuously, therefore we plan to reward everyone.

Another action that was decided, was that the sales of #Neon Cybers to be used in same/similar purpose: generating yield for the #Community. That step will represent a massive boost into the rewards that will be distributed to #Cybers #HODLers. This point is still open for discussion if we will go for $AERO, $LKMEX or $AERO + $LKMEX. Later this action will get to be known as PHASE 2: 10x growth.

We will continue to implement new mechanisms and improve. Our focus is our community!

With love, #CybersInAction!