Pax Terra, the Earth Assasin
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Pax Terra, the Earth Assasin Pax Terra, the Earth Assasin
2 Jan 2022

Pax Terra, the Earth Assasin

Jack was a technician by profession. He was a nice and humble guy. He was 29 years old and had a kind of heavy body. Not a muscular type of man, but not a fat guy too. Jack had a girlfriend named Sofia. She was a nurse in a nearby hospital. Jack worked in a local workshop and he was a sound technician. Everyone loved him because of his character and he cared for everybody too.

It all started when Sofia told him to visit her parents in a far by town. Jack took leave from the workshop, got his car and started this journey with his wife. They loved each other very much and wanted to marry the following year. Jack was driving the vehicle and Sofia was sitting beside him. They talked about their upcoming marriage plan. After 2 hours’ drive, they reached Sofia’s parent’s house. Jack stayed there for a while and then took his car and started his journey back home.

It was getting dark. He pressed the accelerator hard to reach home soon. Music was playing in his car and he was also singing the song.

He passed half of the way when he heard a noise. Noise like something was flying nearby. A fireball was coming towards him. He braked the car at once. He did not believe what he saw. He stepped out of the car and ran to save his life, because the fireball, which was a meteorite going to hit the surface soon.

He ran very hard, but he was not so fast to escape. The meteorite hit the ground just near to him and it fired away from the whole area. He burnt into that fire. It seemed that he was burnt, but he was not. He thought for a moment that he was dead, but somehow he was alive. He was just unconscious for a while; then, he opened his eyes. The fire was not anymore, and there left the remaining of that meteorite. It took time for him to understand the whole situation, but he was alive; it was surprising for him too. He was not only active, but also very healthy and robust too.

Jack went to his car and opened the door. He stopped at once and held his breath. Some stones and muds were hanging above the ground, right behind him. He turned his back, and he saw them hanging around him. His head was spinning. Suddenly, rocks fell. His mind was solving the riddles very fast. He tried to pick up and move the rocks with his mind. He succeeded a little bit, but not entirely because it was the first time for him. He smiled and stepped into the car.

He started the car and tried to set the rearview mirror. Jack looked himself in the mirror. His smile just vanished, and his heart began to beat fast. It was the first time after that thing hit him, he saw himself. His whole body was looking like a big, fat piece of rock. That was not a good thing. He tried to change himself just how he controlled the stones, but all in vain. He ignited the engine and went to his home. Jack stayed in the house for the next three days. He never came out for anything. His friends and colleagues called him, but he never answered them.

Sofia came home after three days. She got in the house and called him. She was first at his workplace and came to know that he was not there for three days. She called him again but didn’t get any reply. She went to their room, and Jack came in front of her after she promised him not to scream.

She left him immediately by saying that she was frightened of him. That reaction broke Jack’s heart. He locked himself in the house for a day and then with the help of his friends, he tried to go outside. It was tough for him to see all the people staring at him. But he had another way to turn his personality’s effect. His heart was very kind and he started to help the oppressed people.

In time he learnt to control his power even better and gave another shape to his body. He was mighty and could control the Earth, mud, and rocks.

His kind heart turned him into the favorite person of the people and later he became known as Pax Terra.

To be continued…

With love, #CybersInAction!