Samael, the Shadow Assasin
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Samael, the Shadow Assasin Samael, the Shadow Assasin
14 Jan 2022

Samael, the Shadow Assasin

He never came home early from work. His name was Samael and he was a scientist. He worked late at night in his laboratory. Samael was 35 years old. He was very young to be a scientist, but he was a genius. The name of his assistant was Laura. She was 24 years old, and she was also sharp. Samael was working on a liquid form formula that could make the person disappear into shadows.

Although he was a genius, he was not making any progress yet. He was making efforts for almost 4 years.“I am leaving, Samael.” Laura told him and grabbed her belongings. She left the laboratory and left for her home. Samael was in the laboratory and working on his formula. He gave his formula the name ‘Shadow.’ He was determined to make that. He was a man with a very sharp brain and big heart. He wanted to serve the country. Samael wanted to give his country a gift in the shape of ‘shadow.’

Samael believed in his goodwill that he would succeed one day. That night after Laura left, he tried some different experiments to finish his work and he grew. He first used the rabbit for his investigation that night and he made the rabbit disappear. He was thrilled and excited. He gave the anti-formula dose to the rabbit and made it appear. After that, he closed the laboratory and went to his home.

The following morning, he got up early and went to his laboratory. He was very excited to tell Laura. Laura came and became very happy to hear the news. “I want to experiment on human.” Samael said to Laura. “Where do us going to find that kind of man.” Laura replied. “That is going to be a real problem.” Samael took a deep breath and said. “I can solve your problem.” Laura said and smiled. “How?” Samael asked her. “John can help us.” Laura said in a while. “John, your boyfriend?” Samael wanted to confirm. “Yes, I will ask him tonight.” Laura said.

The following day, she was there with John. John was 25 years old and was a muscular man. Samael didn’t like him very much. But he had no other option. He wanted to explain some facts if something had gone wrong, but he didn’t give attention to him and insisted on starting the procedure. He was proving himself not trustworthy, but Samael was out of options. John laid down, and Samael injected him with the liquid formula. After 10 minutes, John started to vanish. The vanishing procedure took 5 minutes to complete. John was excellent. He was shouting with excitement.

Samael and Laura were hearing his voice but not seeing him. Samael had created history. After some time, he asked John to take the anti-toed. But he refused and tried to escape the lab. He was not appeared to them and quickly escaped from the lab. It was not a good sign for Samael. Laura ran after John. Samael was in the lab. He decided to take him down in his way. He injected himself with ‘shadow.’ When he got disappeared, he went after them.

Laura was running in the street and calling John. After a while, someone put his hand on her shoulder. It was John, but he was invisible to her. “What are you doing? Go back to the lab.” Laura asked him. “No, I am not going anywhere.” He refused to go to the lab. Before he escaped from there, someone put the needle in his neck and injected something. He was Samael, who was invisible, and he followed Laura. After 5 minutes, John was there visible. “Problem solved.” Laura heard Samael. Laura took John with her home.

Samael returned to the lab. He wanted to work on that further. His experiment was successful. He tried to control this change according to his will. He succeeded in a month or two. He never took the risk to experiment with another person. He became the ‘shadow’ himself.

After John’s incident, he became cautious. He never shared his idea with anyone other. One day, Laura came to the laboratory, and she looked miserable and anxious. Samael asked her the reason. She told him that John was making troubling her to get the formula. Samael decided to teach a lesson to him. He invisible himself and got John in his flat. He beat him until he promised not to harm Laura anymore. After that, Samael reserved himself to help the society.

Step by step he was finding more of the powers he was developing and the hunt for villains begun.

To be continued…

With love, #CybersInAction!