Xul, the Light Assasin
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Xul, the Light Assasin Xul, the Light Assasin
16 Feb 2022

Xul, the Light Assasin

It was the middle of the night. William and Julia were going home in their car. Julia was pregnant and was expecting a baby boy very soon. “What are we going to name our child?" Julia asked her husband, William. Their car was moving fast and steady. William was driving with decency. He listened to his wife and smiled. Before he replied to her, a car suddenly came in front of their car. He loosed control of his car. Their car smashed into an electric pole. They were brutally injured. The other car stopped nearby. William and Julia were trying to run out of the car. But they were stuck in the car. William called for help, and then he heard the sound of a footstep approaching them.

They were two men and reached there. William asked them for help, but they were not there for support. They took all the money and jewelry from them and started to walk towards their car. Suddenly, William spoke, "I will not spare you." They stopped at once, and then they started their car and smashed into William's car. The pole was already damaged, and after the second strike, it fell on William and Julia's car. High voltage energy ran through their veins. The robbers ran away.

Police and ambulance arrived there soon. But both were dead, but a miracle happened that night. Doctors got out the healthy baby boy from the slow belly of Julia. Boy was highly nutritious and energetic.

He got the name, Xul, sent to a foster family. They took care of him very well. One day he was at home, He was sleeping in his bed, and suddenly he opened his eyes because he was having a nightmare about the night of the robbery. He had a clear image of that night. He was frightened as well as angry. His eyes were blazing, and his whole body was sweating. He tried to fetch the glass of water near the lamp. He aimed to search for the murderer of his parents.

He asked his foster parents about his birth parents. They told him the whole story of his tragic birth and childhood. He wanted to punish the robbers who made him an orphan before his birth. His foster parents helped him in this regard. After a long and arduous search, he finds them out. He tried to kill them, but they were powerful than him. Suddenly, he came across the idea to use energy as a weapon. He created a beam of light; it was very sharp and fast. That beam cut the walls, and everything like the hot knife cut the butter. By seeing that, the killers surrendered themselves. His parents called the police, and they got arrested.

After that, Xul trained himself to control the power and how to use it. He used to hold the beam sword and axe if he wanted to. After that, he devoted himself to offering his services to stop these kinds of criminal activities. The world gave him the name of light. Two reasons were behind giving that name. First, he controlled the power, and second, he was hopeful for society.

With love, #CybersInAction!