What is your project about?
Initial UseCase of the project was of Collectibles and slowly we are branching passive income mechanisms for our community and exploring new UseCases like gaming and metaverse.
I heard there are multiple collections. What are they?
Cybers In Action released until January 3 collections: 2 pfp type of collections: #Cybers v1 and v2 (230 NFTs each) and a comic series collection: Elemental Assasins - made out of 8 unique assasins minted in 100 editions each.
What was the mint price for each collection?
Mint price for #Cybers v1 was depending on rarity of the NFT minted: #Rare - 0.29 $EGLD, #Zombie - 0.33 $EGLD, #Gold - 0.37 $EGLD.
Mint price for #Cybers v2 was 0.43 $EGLD.
Mint price for #ElementalAssasins is 0.33 $EGLD.
Where can I find a rarity chart for each collection?
Rarity chart for #Cybers v1 consists only on the type of skin: #Rare - 156/230, #Zombie - 52/230, #Gold - 22/230 NFTs.
Rarity score and ladder for #Cybers v2 can be found on Cybers v2 collection.
Rarity attributes for #Cybers v2 can be found on xoxno.com/Cybers_v2.
I see they're all listed on the secondary market (various websites). How should I evaluate if I'm getting a good price or not?
The evaluation should be done based on the rarity chart of each collection.
Is there a point of owning Cybers from all collections?
Yes. We run several incentives, some in regards to passive income mechanism and other that will make you eligible for an AirDrop of a number of NFTs from our 10K collection: Neon Cybers. More details can be found on Blog page.
What is the utility for each collection?
The current utility is to generate passive income in $AERO tokens. More utility to be added in Q1 with passive income Phase 2: 10x growth ($AERO + $LKMEX yield).
What are the Tier systems?
TIER system is a set of preconditions in regards to your #Cybers assets that will make you eligible for Neon Cybers airdrop.
What makes the rewards of the tiers valuable?
The NFTs received from the TIERS can be used in multiple purposes. One is actually using as a collectible, reselling it or just use it to farm yield through our passive income mechanisms. Future UseCases will relate to MetaVerse integration of our assasins.
How do I collect the passive income?
You have to do no action. We run every week on Thursday, a snapshot of our holders and will AirDrop the tokens to you. Read more on Blog page.
What will the mint price for the new collection (from which the Tier rewards are given) be?
The mint price of Neon Cybers is to be announced. The details are still in work.
Down the line, how many collections will there be?
There will be only four collections: #Cybers v1, v2, #ElementalAssasins, #NeonCybers.
What if I have an issue/question and need some support? Whom should I contact?
You can use the contact page from our website or can get in touch with one of our admins in Telegram/Discord or on the official Twitter page.
Are you doing giveaways, contests, promos?
We are organizing weekly/bi-weekly giveaways or contests for our community. You can look for them in our social channels.
What's the best place to more about the project?
Best place to find more about the project is on our official Twitter page and in our communication channels: Telegram and Discord.